How I Start My Day

Mornings are my favorite part of each day. I love taking my time and making sure I'm doing things that set the tone for the rest of my day. I try to keep it calm, full of gratitude, and slow it down to enjoy the little things. 

I don't have a set morning routine. Every day feels different and I never want to feel like I'm getting through a list of to-dos. My friend Katie Dalebout told me that she keeps a menu of things that make her happy and depending on the day, the season, the mood, she'll pick any combination of things to kickstart her day. Here are a few things on my menu, starting with my absolute non-negotiables:

  1. Writing in my Five-Minute Journal. This is a must every. single. day. I love the beautiful design, the amazing entrepreneurs behind the brand, and the entire concept. It's brought incredible things into my life and makes every day happier and more intentional. I could write an entire book just about the Five-Minute Journal. Get one for yourself, give them to people you love--the whole world needs this.
  2. Boiling water to drink first with lemon, and then to pour-over coffee. I love grinding the beans in the morning. Making coffee in the Chemex takes much longer, but it's time well-spent.
  3. Taking my time to make and eat a really pretty breakfast (usually a green smoothie bowl or avocado toast)
  4. Foam rolling
  5. Journaling
  6. Yoga
  7. Oil pulling
  8. Walking around my neighborhood
  9. Writing a note to someone I love
  10. Reading a couple chapters of any book I'm currently into (right now it's Without Their Permission)
  11. Opening to any page of Miracles Now to set an intention for the day
  12. Calling a family member