This summer has flown by so quickly, but it's been full of the most beautiful moments. Here are my top four from each month:


Today I'm sharing my top four must-have supplements. I take Megafood's Blood Builder every morning after breakfast. It's helped my energy levels so much, and got my iron level up enough to donate blood for the first time!

Coconut charcoal is essential if I'm going out because it pulls toxins out of your body (read, it prevents and cures hangovers). I pop a couple capsules after a night out and feel so much better in the morning.

Colloidal silver is one of my go-to immunity supplements. If I'm starting to feel sick, I start taking a dropper-full twice a day. And of course, I couldn't go without a good dose of probiotics in my morning smoothie. Moon Juice makes the absolute best. {LM}


I can't stop talking about minimalism lately. You can read some of my thoughts here. I wanted to share the top four resources that have helped me embrace minimalism in all areas of my life. By having less, I feel so much fuller. {LM}


I spent the Fourth of July weekend in the Midwest--started in Chicago, and then hit Ann Arbor and Detroit. It was so much fun seeing friends and family. We stopped at some of my old favorite places and discovered some new spots too! {LM}


Since I've been traveling so much this month, I've also been reading a ton. I never go anywhere without a book. Full disclosure, Big Magic is a reread (for the third time). I really do think every person needs that book in their life. Here are my top four this month! {LM}


Last weekend Anne and I celebrated the twenty-first birthday of our sister from another mister. She's spending the summer in LA and I couldn't think of a better place to take her than the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It was absolutely perfect. Speaking of Beverly Hills and birthdays, Kanye's birthday was yesterday! I was scrolling through my Instagram and realized I posted on his birthday every year for the last few years. I love Kanye and I love a reason to celebrate!

On the plane I actually felt relaxed reading the prettiest copy of Sense and Sensibility and haven't stopped drinking this rose tea since I landed. {LM}


I bought new peonies (in different shades) every day this weekend--I couldn't help it!! The most popular flower on Instagram every May is just one of my weaknesses. I also picked up a new balm from Root + Rise Botanicals, which is a company run by one of the loveliest women I've met in SLC. I stopped for a rose tea latte after trying Chinese cupping therapy for the first time--I'll share a full post on that soon! {LM}


I spent Mother's Day weekend in Michigan with my family. Detroit is full of amazing food, beautiful flowers, and incredible people. Check out some of my favorites and click the pictures for more details. {LM}


I went to the sweetest Salt + Honey market on Saturday, full of beautiful things from local makers. I was so excited to pick up a little bouquet of my favorite flowers ever!! Anemones are the white flower pictured below. They are so delicate and pretty! Doma Coffee was a good find at my local health food store--I only like to drink organic coffee whenever possible. LilySilk pillowcases changed my sleep forever this week, and I was literally living my 12-year-old self's dream when I recently visited Ritual Chocolate's factory in Park City. Click images for more info! {LM}


This week I've been inspired by all things cozy and beautiful. I got some gorgeous new pieces from For Love and Lemon and since it's been rainy I've been obsessed all over again with my Restoration Hardware faux fur throw. Click the images for more! {LM}


I was back in Los Angeles this past weekend so these favorites have been on my mind! Click images for more. {LM}


The Top Four is all about absolutely anything I'm loving right now. This week I'm feeling the high spring vibes--flowers, my amazing 5-minute journal, and coffee have me buzzing. That mix somehow inspired a craving for these simple beauties I used to make all the time in grad school: honey, oats, peanut butter, cinnamon, and chocolate chips. I guess on the amount of everything and they always turn out perfectly. {LM}