The Tampons I Can't Stop Talking About

My sisters have been trying to get me on the Diva Cup for years. They always insisted that my Tampax Pearl tampons were icky and full of chemicals. My oldest sister told me huge corporations that make tampons aren't even required to disclose actual ingredients, so it's almost impossible to know what the mix of artificial fibers and chemicals are in your go-to boxes. It's actually terrifying to think about the chemicals hiding in tampons--we put them in our bodies around the clock for a week every single month!! But even though I love the idea of the Diva Cup, I personally never had much luck using it. 

My period prayers were answered when I discovered Lola, a 100% cotton product developed by some serious and adorable boss babes that love talking tampons. They are all about simplicity, convenience, and total transparency.

The concept is truly simple: pick your mix of tampon sizes and have a box automatically delivered to your door each month so you never have to worry about running out to the store at the last minute. Even with delivery, a box of Lola tampons costs about the same as my old Tampax Pearls AND comes with only one ingredient in the prettiest packaging.

Women's bodies are incredible and I think getting your period should be a reminder of that--getting my box of Lola tampons each month feels like a present and honestly makes my week infinitely better. Oh, and this is not a sponsored situation. I'm just obsessed.

On a different but related note, if you haven't been following the tampon tax debate, check it out. I can't believe this is even a debate. Feminine hygiene products are a basic necessity that should be made as accessible as possible! {LM}