I had heard for years that Denmark was the happiest place in the world. I couldn't wait to check it out, if only for a long weekend. The shopping was amazing--I love the minimal Scandinavian style. There is such a solid, beautiful quality to everything--the clothing, the food, the architecture. {LM}


When one of my sisters moved to Dallas a few years ago, I didn't expect to spend much time there. Everyone says Austin is the only place to be in Texas! But after several trips to Dallas, I have to disagree. There is so much space and so many beautiful new spots--it's just such a fun, comfortable city.

And everything really is bigger in Texas--I can't even describe the massive ice cream cones and grocery stores. We love going to the huge Whole Foods markets and spending hours shopping and sampling all the local products (you know how obsessed I am with Texas-born Malk). I just spent Memorial Day Weekend in Texas with a bunch of my sisters. Check out some of our favorites! {LM}

Los Angeles

I called Los Angeles home for the last two years. I had my ups and downs with the city, but never stopped exploring and appreciating the gorgeousness of it all. I could never fit all of my spots in one post, but here are a few of my favorites! {LM}


I don't think there is a city in the world I could love more than Paris. I first went to Paris last fall on a mission to unplug from my life in LA. I immediately felt at home and completely calm wandering the beautiful streets, stopping to do whatever looked interesting or delicious. No agenda, no accountability to anyone but myself. No phone, no distractions. Everything is more beautiful in Paris, and even I felt more beautiful just by being there. Check out some of my favorite spots below and snap, insta, or tweet me your recs @lauramcd123. I'll be back soon! {LM}