Anne McDonough

There is absolutely no one that knows how to glow brighter than my sister Anne. I may have taught her everything she knows about silk pajamas, keeping spaces pristine, and never stopping until you get what you want, but as we've grown up our roles reversed. Anne pushes me every day to practice what I preach about creating a beautiful life and making decisions that get me back to who I really am; she embodies so much of what I strive to be. I think one of her greatest gifts is knowing what people want on the deepest level before they even know themselves! She's incredibly intuitive and has cultivated amazing taste (this particular combination makes her the ultimate gift-giver). She is always introducing me to products that become absolute essentials. 

You might see a lot of similarities between Anne and I (particularly in our routines, likes, dislikes), but we also have very different interests and opinions. I cherish how much we share--our similarities make us closer and our differences make us grow. Anne is my greatest inspiration, my best friend, and the light of my world. Enjoy our chat! {LM}

Describe your morning routine. 
First thing I do before I even get out of bed is to journal and set my intentions for the day. I start out the morning with drinking a huge mason jar of water. I turn on my oil diffuser and a podcast while I drink my morning coffee (I play my calm podcasts for the mornings, like the Minimalists). I never used to be a morning person but becoming one has changed my life. I am more productive and focused all throughout the day if I set my intentions and have a good morning routine in place. Ideally my morning routine includes oil pulling and meditating but I don't always get to that.

What is your philosophy on living a healthy, balanced life?
80/20. I eat really well during the week, no dairy, soy and limited sugar. I save my splurges for when I'm out with friends. I don't go crazy but if at home I'll drink black coffee but if I'm out or with a friend I'll get an almond milk latte, that kinda thing. Calm is a superpower, but also another superpower is to be subtle. I used to be super obnoxious about food that made me feel bad like dairy and soy, but learned no one cares about what you eat and it only gets other people down when you talk about the negative. Now, most people wouldn't ever know I have foods that I don't eat (more than you'd think). If I am served something that I don't eat and I can take it off I simply do that or just move the food around a little bit and don't eat it. Manners goes a long way, don't be loud about it just handle it.

What is the best thing you've eaten in the last week?
It is still fig season so the other day I melted dark chocolate and almond butter and dipped black organic figs. I meeeaaaannnn...

What is your drink of choice?
Coffee! I'll switch it up depending on my mood. Lately I've been putting honey in my morning coffee. It makes me crave sugar less throughout the day. If I'm working out in the morning I'll blend in MCT oil and cinnamon. I also love white and peppermint tea.

What are you currently reading?
All the million really good September issues! But also Everything That Remains: A memoir by the minimalists is on my nightstand.

Where do you find inspiration?
The people that inspire and motivate me most are the people who want to become their best selves. They are a wide array of people, some like Bella Hadid but some like my old co-worker who wakes up at 5AM every morning to workout and work on her side hustle before waking up her daughter all by herself. Anyone who is working towards becoming their best selves are so amazing. I've learned my biggest lessons observing others. When you quit reacting to everything you start becoming aware you can learn from others mistakes rather than having to learn every lesson the hard way. I also get a lot of inspiration through exhibits and museums. Photography is one of my passions and always inspires me, when I can't I can't make it to an exhibit I just go on sites like LensCulture that showcases contemporary photography. And of course I love to follow people for inspiration too. Some include Emily Ratajkowski, Kourtney Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, and Taylor Hill.

How do you think you're the same as you were as a child? How do you think you're different?
I think I am just as sensitive as I always have been but I am better at coping with it. Now, if something bothers me I will stick up for myself. I'll just remember it for next time and simply take a break from that person or choose not to surround myself with those people.

What is the most influential piece of advice you've received, and how has it impacted you?
Along with family comes first, my dad always said "It is more important to be kind and good than it is to be important. If you are kind and good you will be happy and isn't that what life's all about". Ain't that the truth!

What is a product you’ve bought in the last six months under $100 that has changed your life most?
Wax melting kit and an iPad stand for my nightstand, random I know. Both under $100 and I can't choose which one I have more appreciation for lol!

It's almost fall--what are your top cozy picks?
Trader Joe's coffee and cocoa (with a splash of macadamia milk), Fresh Sugar lip treatment, Catwalk oatmeal & honey intense nourishing mask, Wilfred Montpellier sweater, Diptyque candles in Vanille or Voluspa two wick candle in Vermeil, and Barefoot Dreams throw, always.

What's at the top your wishlist right now? 
Elsa Peretti diamond by the yard, Breville you brew drip coffee maker, Glossier Stretch Concealer, spending autumn in Paris, Dyson's supersonic hair dryer and V6 cordless vacuum, Oribe thickening spray

What are your favorite spots in Detroit?
La Dulce, Atomic coffee, Rose's Fine Foods, The DIA, Sprout House, Commonwealth, Somerset, Astro Coffee, West Village, the Flower Box in Shinola, Cacao Tree Cafe

How can we connect with you?
My blog:
Instagram: annstagrams
Twitter: Annie_Tessa