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Inspire. Talk. See.

Our story starts with two sisters who felt from a very young age they were meant to create and share beautiful experiences. The little girls didn't know what form that might take, but they started collecting experiences that they thought might nudge them in the right direction. From jewelry-making, lemonade stands, and ice skating to lackluster jobs, travel, Pinterest boards, and Kanye West concerts, they started exploring and continue collecting everyday. We believe that all of these moments, even the hard ones, are important pieces that will eventually come together to inspire something amazing. Until then, we're sharing on Instagram @makingspace

This blog is to go deeper, to create another avenue that I hope will uplift, inspire, and empower me to live a life that glows. This is a space for me (and all of us!) to explore, experiment, and reflect on what makes us radiate.

As a twenty-something, I still don't know how exactly my experiences might evolve and crystallize, but I felt a sense of urgency about creating a place to keep track of everything I love. This is my space to fill up and at the same time, make space for what's to come.

Sharing what I love will hopefully help:

  •  Inspire our lives by surrounding ourselves with great ideas, different perspectives, and electric inspiration in all areas
  • Talk with incredible people who share their glow and broaden our perspectives
  • See the beauty in everything 

I hope you'll enjoy and share with me, too!